Price adjustment notice

      Price adjustment notice

Dear Customers,partners

Longhe Plastic Machinery alwaysstrives to offer highest quality products to customers.By making

our bestefforts to improve efficiency and corporate thriftiness allowed the company topass savings on to customers.In 2017.The price of most of our products willincrease 10%.We have no alternative to take the decision to adjust the price onselected products due to the increase demand of raw materials and continuedupward trend of operation cost.

The price adjustment will beeffective from 1st October 2017,please contact our staff for more details.

If raw material prices fall, wewill make a timely decision on price cuts.

We thanks for your continuoussupport to Longhe Plastic Machinery,we hereby continue to assure our valuedcustomers of quality products,should you have any questions,please feel free tocontact our Customers Service Team at 0086-20-84797048

Yours Sincerely

                           Chaozhou LonghePlastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.


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