How to use plastic dryer

The plastic dryer not only use drying plastic granules materials,but also use drying bean,grain,corn and so on materials.How to use plastic dryer and let it have a good drying effect,this is important problem.I briefly introduce the dryer method.

First,what material do you need to drying?

Different materials of different water content, drying time is different.Usually drying new plastic granules materials,the drying time is 30-40 minutes.

Drying bean or corn need to determine the time according to the actual situation,different drying temperature also effect drying time.

Second,put materials inside dryer

1.Open the lid then put materials inside dryer,closed the lid.

2.Open the fan gate,press the green switch start fan motor.

3.Start heater function,press the red switch.

4.Setting heater temperature.

When the heater temperature reach setting temperature,the heater temperature will keep stable.

Third,output materials

When finished drying materials,cut off the power.Pull out the baffle plate the material will be discharged.

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