Plastic mixer maintenance and troubleshooting

The plastic mixing machine has a different name,such as vertical mixer,blender.The plastic mixer usually made from 430 stainless steel,if used mixing food or chemical materials,I suggest to customers use 304 or 316 stainless steel.The mixer usually used for mixing granules and powder materials,low noise and fast mixing.We can according to customers request production mixer,such as have heater function mixer.

We are discussing the maintenance and troubleshooting of the mixer.

1.Supply grease regulary for the machinery bearing.

2.Checking the electrical apparatus elements regularly.

3.Regularly check whether the electrical components ageing,timely replacement.

4.If the motor can't work,please check the points as follows:

4.1 Whether the motor is burned-out.

4.2 Thermorelay off when ovey load,please press again.

4.3 Whether the time schedule controller was burned out,you can try to replace it.

4.4 Please check the position limit switch,would be replaced if it's broken.

4.5 Whether the contactor is broken,please replace it if broken.

4.6 Whether the button switch is broken,please replace the broken switch if broken.

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