PVC injection molding machine features

1.Speciallydesigned chromium plated Screw Barrel is suitable for PVC,UPVC,CPVC,PowderPVC.With whichcan stabilize PVC material temperature,stable injection moldingand create high plasticizing rate.

2.High Torsion/Low Rotation hydraulic motor increasesefficient plasticized capacity,reduces cooling time and lowers materialconsumption.

3.Specifically designed widened safety door especically forthe PVC moulds with big oil cylinder,easy for mold installation and more safetyfor the operator.

4.Two groups of core-pulling,two in and two out of each group.

5.Equipment with fans wind cover,ensure minimum materialtemperature deviation.

6.Multiple groups of core-pulling and stainless steel screware for option.

The injection molding machine usually together with plastic auxiliary machine work.Such as plastic shredder,plastic dryer,plastic mixer,auto loader,mold temperature controller,industrial water chiller,vibrating sieve,scrwe loader,spring loader and so on.

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