How to use AS-300G auto loader

1. Connect the power supply, power supplyis 220v, single phase. The red wire is the phase wire "+", the bluewire is null wire" -"

2. Install the auto loader machine on theappropriate position. Connect the auto loader inlet and stainless steel tube bya hose, and locking the clasp. Then insert the stainless steel tube into thestorage tank.

3. Connect the power supply, at this pointthe “power” indicator light is bright. Press the On/Off button "SET",then press the "INC" or "DEC" button to set the feedingmaterials time in 10-25 seconds (factory set for 10-12 seconds).

4. After setting feeding time, press the On/Offbutton "SET" again, at this point the “run” and “Loader” indicatorlight are bright. Then the suction machine will suction materials cycleautomatically.

5. After sucking materials per time, itwill discharge automatically, the “full” indicator light is bright. At thispoint, the suction machine won’t re-suction. When the discharge is completed,after the end of the time delay will automatically suction.

6. After sucking materials 3 times, the Suctionmachine will alert automatically. At this time, you need to add materials intothe storage tank, then press the On/Off button "SET" , the suctionmachine will work automatically.

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